Twisted Roots

by Andrew Browne

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    "Twisted Roots" CD by Andrew Browne
    Comes in gorgeous cover designed by Gudrun Reiss, with booklet: credits, lyrics (so you can sing along.. . ) song notes and photos.
    Catalogue # AWB123 released November 2016

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'Twisted Roots' is Andrew Browne's second album, the first being 'Fishing for Compliments' (2001).

A bunch of beautiful and surprising songs, that he usually sings with just acoustic guitar and voice, have been transformed into an enchanting, slightly dark set through the quiet genius of producer and musician John Stuart (Sound Heaven, Blue Mountains).

Using an unusual ensemble, including vibraphone, bass flute, violin, cello, pedal steel, percussion and Cuban trez, John has presented Andrew’s songs as a series of connected narratives, threaded together with fine performances by some of the best musicians in Sydney and the mountains.

The songs are about the usual range of things: the living, the dead and those in between, dogs in space, evil friends, vampires, junkies, alzheimers, love, hurt, change, rain and the fleeting terror that wakes tradies at dawn.


released November 16, 2016

Producer, instrumentation and arrangements, electrified guitars - John Stuart
All songs by Andrew Browne
Nylon String Guitar - Cam Kinsey
Percussion/Drums/Vibes - Jess Ciampa
Double Bass - Brett Hirst
Cello - Anna Martin-Scrase
Backing Vox - Arne Hanna
Bass Flute - Rob Maxwell-Jones
Double Bass -Brett Hirst
Cuban Trez - Arne Hanna
Electric Slide Gtr - John Stuart
Cello - Anna Martin Scrase
Piano - Finbar Stuart
Backing Vocals - Tina Harrod
Violin - Veronique Serret
Pedal Steel Gtr - John Stuart
Alto Flute - Rob Maxwell Jones
Steel Guitar John Stuart
Bass Flute Rob Maxwell Jones



all rights reserved


Andrew Browne Redfern, Australia

Andrew is a songwriter and carpenter from Redfern in inner Sydney and Yarramalong, 100 km north. Andrew has worked in many roles including film caterer, serial house-renovater, actor, singer, tradie, jazz tour-manager, AV technician and cook.
Every Sat he plays at LifeBoat Café at Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury River. He also plays in bars and cafes in inner Sydney.
Twisted Roots is his 2nd album.
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Track Name: Haunts You
I'm going down where the water's slow
I'm going down where no-body goes
going down where no-one goes
no-one goes, no-one knows
where the water's slow

gonna watch the sun fall from the sky
the shadows become night
moaning eucalyptus sigh
possums whisper, barn owls cry
from the other side, what's died
springs back to life, haunts you

I'm going down where common sense has fled
down beside old, empty oyster beds
going down, nothing's there, nothing
just what's in your head
moaning eucalyptus sigh
possums whisper, barn owls cry
Track Name: Blood Lust Frenzy
Blood Lust Frenzy

hey lady, do you got a light?
watch your smoke, drift into the light
I stay away, from sunlight
sleep all day, take a drink at night

take a drink, take a drink, take a drink at night
I got a blood lust frenzy
drop of red, drop of red, drop of blood at night
blood lust frenzy

daylight saving's gone at last
I get another hour, of eternity
you live, you die, so fast
why live so uncertainly?

It's just an idea
I don't mean to scare you
I stay away from sunlight
I sleep all day, l take a drink at night
Track Name: The Legend of Laika
The Legend of Laika - as told by “control dog” Mushka

up there where you are, it's so quiet
up there where you are, you can see for miles
I imagine you in every satellite
passing overhead tonight

we called you Laika, or 'Barker',
'Kudryavka' - 'Little Curly'
the best street dog from Moscow in our class
what of us others, we passed with flying colours?
we all knew you'd be the first dog they asked
we didn't know you'd be the first dog, and the last

we built a rocket-ship “Sputnik”
NASA nicknamed “Muttnik”
kissed your nose, howled, licked your face
Khruschev's grim solution, to celebrate a revolution
you were the first dog in what became a two horse race
we shot the best street dog from Moscow into space

Is that you? Is that you?
Is that you? Passing overhead tonight
Track Name: Tradies Yawning
Tradies Yawning

a vision dream on waking, golden threads, snaking
over low hills in early morning light
dots moving in a painting, drawn across the landscape
warp and weft, fight or flight

cruising down a freeway, into a drive-way
basking in the sun
gazing in the mirror, at an ever changing picture
perfect but for the person I've become

I'm in line for a promotion, a lifestyle by the ocean
sun and surf, sand and hair
but I'm startled at this early hour
by the slow drip from the shower
the thought that another queue is drawing near

and it only takes a moment
of fleeting terror
to wake me with a vision for the day
today's already dawning
with the sound of tradies yawning
I join a queue, with the sun, to make more hay
I join a queue, with the sun

rooms empty of reason, exhausted soles
falling to the floor
having just climbed into bed
there's only this quiet moment, the breath that's barely in me
the golden vision's fading from my head

tucked into the traffic, like a cigarette in its packet
all praying to the dead and the new-born
love is not self-serving, love is slow to anger
I keep telling myself while I'm leaning on the horn
Track Name: Twisted Roots
Twisted Roots - A W Browne

our twisted roots won't let us get
too far away, from each other
we look for differences
we're just the same as one another
the sun beckons some
warms the rest

no matter what it is you do
no matter what it is, that gets you through
choice, incredibly rare
nine out of ten of us will never share
the sun beckons some
warms the rest

even when the sun goes down
it's coming up on another town
in the west
the sun beckons some
warms the rest
Track Name: Change
Change - A W Browne

change, become something new
change, if you want to ...

here we go again
along our rutted paths, around the bend
it's enough to send
your sunny soul to a darkened end, let's not pretend
it's all beer and skittles, pony rides
bright days filled with friends

just to remind you, an island needs the sea

change, become something new
change, if you want to
you'd change tight shoes that pinched you
before your toes turned blue
you can change, if you want to

hey it's the morning, life it's repeating
ground hog snoring, I know you're not sleeping
hey, is it dawning? you can't keep retreating
people like you and me
it's not us and them, it's “we”

an island needs a sea

change, become something new
change, if you want to
you'd change tight shoes that pinched you
before your toes turned blue
you can change, if you want to
Track Name: Twenty Sixth Floor
Twenty Sixth Floor - AW Browne

she shot out of school and she hitched a welfare ride
twelve hundred clicks, beyond the great divide
four years in the city, two kiddies by her side
and she won't go home, she's too mixed up inside

down she goes from the twenty sixth floor
around the corner, to the bottle store
steady on her feet, speaks nice and clear
she don't want to go empty-handed, back up there

she knows her man what he means by how he swears
if he's angry or drunk, she can hear him 3 blocks from here
she fires up a billy, gets her man a beer
she plays a careful game, but he can smell her fear
she thinks about jumping off the twenty sixth floor

she stands up, takes a step to the door
she won't have to put up with that man no more
and then her baby starts up crying from the room next door

Kayla and Jayden draw the fig trees, the bats and the crows
they really like your stories about swimmin' in water holes
takes her back to family, the ones who know
we spring out of the land and back to the land we go

down she goes from the twenty sixth floor
around the corner past the bottle store
she's got 3 tickets, leaves on the train
a whole brand new world for her again
Track Name: Salt and the Sea
The Salt and the Sea - AW Browne

the daily paper hits the drive
been up here waiting for it to arrive
six times today - I've been told
the day is like it always is
changes as it will with the breeze from Lyttleton
the salt and the sea

they comfort me - the salt and the sea

I joined the navy when I was young
rugby, boxing, OP rum
lost some teeth, found my way ashore
Lyttleton is a seaside port
Main and West, where I taught the children
of the rough and tumble poor

the day is almost over
we share a cup of tea
my Mary she leans over
she kisses me
every day she kisses me
she is the salt - she is the sea

If you're trying hard to picture me
google street-view Surrey St
my son is on the left, I'm on the right
an earthquake happened yesterday
I know because the house still sways with aftershocks
like we're at sea
Track Name: Black Dog Blue Moon
Black Dog Blue Moon - A W Browne

it's sad you lose, every game
night and day are just the same
you say the world is big, it's mean, it's tough and it's hard
you don't believe the whole thing's turning with a beating heart

is that why, you do what you do?
running on home to shoot up in your blue room
is it a black dog? is it a blue moon?
have you bitten by a black dog?
haunted by a second full moon?

hey bent-over man, can you see the sky?
the pigeon lying at your feet, lost the gift of flight
is that why, you do what you do?
running on home to shoot up in your blue room
bitten by a black dog, haunted by a second full moon
is that why, you do what you do?

New York in May, it's Sydney in June
it's Christchurch in July, for a second full moon
you can feel a shift, from your water to your bones
the blue moon tide has ebbed, it's starting to flow
Track Name: Never Seen Rain
Never Seen Rain

she caught a train, heading east
rolling plains, endless fields of wheat
she met a man, in a weather-beaten coat
years of travelling, days from the coast

never seen rain, never seen rain
never, ever seen rain

the silence in him, let her talk
until the rising sun, met their iron horse
old lady beaten up, old-man broken down
little brother watching, her train pull out of town

rode all day, all night
beyond the rail line, city lights
found some ground, beneath the southern sky
the stars and the moon heard them cry
Track Name: Powerless
Powerless A W Browne

what do you mean, you're gonna see me at three?
you haven't been seen in three weeks
your mood rides around, on ground Rhino horn
your friends, they're thin on the ground
in the morning light

download some company, to join you tonight
strangle the friendship, writhing in blue, blue light
now the waiting, is over
justice, served up, cold
nothing stirring tonight
you're locked up inside
blue flickering light

strange dreams, strange dreams, tonight

what will you do, when you add two and two
and the answer is, you're alone
you seemed black and white
with the sun in your eyes
but you're grey, in your blind mans disguise